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Marie Barlow June 2022 Volunteer of the month.jpg
Marie Barlow
June 2022 Volunteer of the Month

I am honored for the recognition, thank you. After having to put my cat down, it left me a little depressed so I decided to do something worthwhile about it and volunteer at Cat Haven as a kitty counselor. This helped me cope with my loss and was very rewarding for me.  Shortly after going to Cat Haven, I noticed this sweet little cat that I'm holding right now and knew instantly that I was chosen to give her a forever home. I truly feel that when God closes one door he opens another. Her name is Luna and my husband and I love her very much. It has been my pleasure to volunteer at Cat Haven   and I plan to help in whatever else I am capable of doing. The staff there are very friendly and dedicated employees. My association with them has been a pleasure.  Thanks again for giving me this honor.

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