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Round-ups make cents.

Support Mission Pawsible by becoming a “round-up” donor today!  


When you enroll to round up your in-store and online purchases automatically, each purchase will be rounded to the nearest dollar in which that difference is donated to Cat Haven. A round-up donor's spare change can grow into a large donation over time by donating with every purchase. 


How it Works: 

  1. Click on the link below 

  2. Sign up and connect your credit/debit card

  3. Spend like normal

  4. Donate! - At the end of each month, your “round-ups” are totaled and automatically donated to Cat Haven


This campaign supports our mission to lead Baton Rouge to become a no-kill community for cats and kittens by providing care, shelter, and adoption services and advocating for routine spaying and neutering to ensure population control and quality of life. By becoming a round-up donor, you are making our mission pawsible!

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