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Help us reach our $35,000 fundraising goal!

For many of us, the relationships we have with our pets are some of the most meaningful in our lives.

We feed, shelter, and provide for our pets' every need. What do they give us in return? LOVE. Love and companionship are the most sincere gifts our furry family members can give us, and often it is the only thing they have to give!

This holiday season, Cat Haven is asking everyone to take a few moments to reflect on the love their pets have given them, and to then GIVE LOVE back!

Cat Haven provides temporary housing, medical care, comfort, and wellbeing to hundreds of unwanted, stray, and displaced cats each year. Our unique no-kill mission makes us one of the largest and most productive cat focused shelters in the nation! The success of this end of year campaign is crucial to sustaining the lifesaving work we do at Cat Haven.

GIVE LOVE back by donating to our End of Year fundraiser. Your donation can make all the difference in the lives of hundreds of cats looking for shelter, care, homes, and LOVE.

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