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General Medical Care Fund


This in-house fund provides ongoing medical care for numerous felines we rescue each year. Treatment ranges from antibiotics and vaccinations to testing, spay and neuter surgery, and more. The health and wellbeing of felines in our rescue are an important part of our mission. The General Medical Care Fund allows us to begin treating animals the moment they arrive at our rescue.

Critical medical care for our animals includes ongoing and daunting costs. It’s where funding for our rescue is always greatly needed. There are times that we cannot admit rescued felines because we do not have the resources to cover the medical procedures and treatments needed to ensure their health. As Baton Rouge's lead non-kill rescue, we see many cases of neglect and abuse. Your donations are quickly used for treatment.

With increased donations, we can save more and more kitties — which is why they need you.

Your gift today will give homeless felines a second chance so that they may never live another day without medical care, shelter, and most importantly, love.

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