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Black and White Kitten

What To Do If
You Find Kittens

Crucial considerations before you scoop up young kittens

You just found a group of tiny newborn kittens and their mother is nowhere to be seen. 

Before that rescue instinct kicks in and you scoop them up, take a deep breath, step back and evaluate the situation.

In most cases, removing the kittens is not the best response.

Healthy kittens?
Give mom time.

Mother cats may leave their kittens for several hours at a time. If the kittens are warm and don’t appear sick or in distress, their mom is likely nearby, getting food or hiding from you.

The kittens’ best chances for survival are with their mom. Her milk is much better quality than kitten milk replacement. She’s able to keep them warm and stimulate them to pee and poop, as well as help them learn to be cats.

Keep in mind that your presence may keep her away, so monitor the nest from a distance. Or, you may sprinkle a ring of flour around the nest or place some light twigs atop the kittens. If these are disturbed when you return or the kittens have full, rounded bellies, the mother cat is caring for her babies.

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