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Cat Haven has worked for over 20 years to help thousands

of displaced and homeless cats find new forever homes.

Every day, hundreds of cats receive food, shelter, medical

care and love while they temporarily stay in our Adoption



Symbolically adopt a cat or kitten in need today

to support Cat Haven’s mission.


Your Symbolic Adoption of a homeless cat or kitten helps to

provide critical care to the animals Cat Haven works with.

Funds raised from Symbolic Adoptions provide litter, food,

shelter, bedding, toys, and all else that the cats in our care need while they wait to find their forever home. Your symbolic adoption does not support a particular animal, but instead helps to provide care to a multitude of animals that are waiting to be adopted. 


With your symbolic adoption of a homeless cat or kitten, you will receive:


  • A plush cat representative of your symbolic adoption

  • An official adoption certificate 

  • A full color photo of a homeless cat or kitten who will receive care due to your donation

  • Personalized acknowledgement letter of your gift

Symbolic Adoption Additional Details:
*Symbolic Adoption donations cannot be applied to actual adoption fees
*Symbolic Adoption donations can be in honor of a particular animal, but this does not indicate that those funds are specifically allocated to exclusive care of that animal

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