National Kitten Day

Get ready for a kitten overload! Cat Haven is celebrating National Kitten Day with an all-day online event! We will be sharing kitten pictures and videos, as well as giving away prizes! We will also be showing you an inside look at the various tasks our Cat Haven family performs daily. To join this event, follow our Facebook page where we will be sharing all of our National Kitten Day information.


National Kitten Day, on July 10, is a significant time for animal rescues and shelters. We see a large influx of kittens, during this time, being brought to our rescue either by owner surrender or after being dumped by their original owners and found. This is a direct result of failing to spay or neuter felines. It causes overcrowding of cats and kittens in our community. While our main goal is to find forever homes for as many cats as possible, Cat Haven also emphasizes the importance of spaying and neutering for ending the cycle of feral and homeless cats. Monetary donations from this event will directly fund programs like our spay and neuter initiative, as well as other medical and operating costs. 


In-kind donations of new kitty supplies or gift cards would be beneficial for us to have a successful National Kitten Day Event. Please contact if you would like to make an in-kind donation before July 10. 


Beyond that, sharing Cat Haven's social media posts throughout the day on July 10 can go a long way in helping us further our mission! 

Help us save as many cats and kittens as we can and find them loving homes by donating to our National Kitten Day fundraiser!