August 21, 2018


After helping to found Cat Haven in 1999 and serving as its full-time Executive Director for the past 7 years, I look forward to seeing it continue to thrive under new leadership when I retire in the next few months.  The person who takes over my role will be blessed with the most generous, hard-working and dedicated volunteers and staff to help them lead Cat Haven to continuing successes.   If you are interested in being that person (or know someone who might be), please see our Job Description.  You can submit your cover letter and resume to and your information will be forwarded to our search committee.

I have been so honored to lead Cat Haven and I am so proud of its accomplishments.  Thank you to the many wonderful volunteers, other supporters and staff who have helped to save and to improve the quality of life of thousands of homeless cats and kittens.  It would not have been possible without your selflessness and caring. 

With gratitude,

Wendy Decker