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We are BACK!

Dear Cat Haven family,

We've been through quite a journey, and today, we are overjoyed to share some fantastic news with you. Our beloved Cat Haven page was hacked on 8/12/23, but after a long and determined fight, we've successfully regained access to our Facebook page! 🙌

In the past few months, not only Cat Haven but also other rescue organizations from Dallas, Chicago, Baltimore, Charlotte, New York City, and many more from all across the country have fallen victim to hacking groups. These cruel individuals exploited our platforms to post fake "purebred puppies for sale" and demanded deposits through apps like Venmo and Zelle, taking advantage of our kind-hearted community. For this, our hearts are broken.

Facebook is more than just a page to us; it's a lifeline. It's our way of connecting with you, our incredible supporters, and the wider community. We use our page to promote life-saving events, showcase our adorable, adoptable cats, and share heartwarming stories of successful rescues. Without it, the REAL cats in need have been struggling.

Getting Facebook's attention wasn't easy, and we faced an uphill battle. But when we discovered that rescue groups across the country were under similar attacks, we reached out to the Lake Dallas Animal Shelter. They generously shared their experience in regaining access to their page and connected us with a Facebook representative who reviewed our case and granted us access once again. We owe a tremendous "Thank You" to the Lake Dallas Animal Shelter for their help. 

Operating without our Facebook presence has been a challenge. Nevertheless, we're thrilled to announce a lineup of thrilling upcoming events, such as our annual fundraising spectacular, Cat Tales & Cocktails, the hilarious and fun Renoir or Faux Paw art fundraiser, and more. Now, more than ever, your support is crucial. We warmly invite you to be part of these fantastic events, contributing to Cat Haven's journey back to full strength!

Thank you for standing by us during this challenging time. Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of cats in our community. We need your continued support to keep our lifeline strong and vibrant. Stay tuned for all the purr-fect events, updates, and adoptables ahead! 🐾💖 #CatHavenStrong


Please remember, you are ALWAYS welcome to call us or visit us at our shelter in person if you ever have any questions of legitimacy.

With love and gratitude,

Your Cat Haven Team


Cat Tales & Cocktails

Renoir or Faux Paw

Hackers targeting Facebook pages of animal rescue organizations


Facebook Hacked

We regret to inform the public that Cat Haven’s Facebook account has fallen victim to hacking as of 8/12/23. We are taking immediate action to address this issue and are working alongside Facebook to regain control of our account.


The malicious party behind this breach has been posting fake listings of puppies for sale, leading to confusion and concern among our supporters and followers. We want to assure everyone that this incident solely pertains to our Facebook account and does not extend to any data breach or compromise of personal information. Rest assured, no sensitive information has been accessed or stolen.


Cat Haven will NEVER:

-Ask for payment with an application

-Ask for payments through apps such as Zelle, Venmo, or Cashapp

-Ask for a deposit to “hold an animal”

-Refuse to answer questions

-Advertise "purebred" cats with "papers"

-Push our adopters, or create a "sense of urgency"

-Have dogs, or anything for adoption other than cats!

Our potential adopters can always call us or visit us in person at our shelter!


To avoid any potential risks, refrain from clicking on any posted links or engaging in conversations with the hacker via Facebook Messenger.



We greatly appreciate the support of our loyal followers during this challenging time. If you come across any suspicious posts or listings on our Facebook page, please take a moment to report them directly to Facebook. By collectively reporting these fraudulent activities, we increase the likelihood of swift action being taken by Facebook's security team. If you have liked or shared the posts, please remove your like and delete the shared post. Together, we can help put an end to this situation and restore the integrity of our shelter's online presence.


We are committed to maintaining transparency throughout this process and will provide updates as we work to regain control of our Facebook account. Your understanding and cooperation are invaluable to us as we address this unfortunate incident. For further updates and accurate information, please refer to our official website at, our official Instagram at @cathavenbr, or contact us directly at 225-636-2680. Thank you for your ongoing support.



Cat Haven team

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