Cat Haven of Greater Baton Rouge

Foster a Kitten or Cat – Give a 10th life!

Cat Haven’s foster parents provide temporary homes for kittens and cats that aren't quite ready for adoption.

Give a little love and more!

Foster families provide a nurturing, caring home environment for their foster kitten or cat. Fostering includes routine daily care (providing food and water, maintaining clean litter box) as well as helping monitor health and complete the medical care necessary to ready kittens and cats for adoption. Cat Haven provides food, litter and veterinary services – you provide the love!

How much time is involved?

Fostering kittens or cats can be a time period from as little as two weeks to several months, depending upon the needs of your selected foster cat or kitten! Our adoption center staff makes certain we find the right foster kitten or cat to match your needs, lifestyle and schedule!

Will foster families be trained?

Cat Haven trains alls foster families in the purrfect way to take care of their special foster kitten or cats. We will help you every step of the foster way!

Why do Kittens & Cats Need Fostering?

  • Newborn kittens need fostering. Our foster parents take in mom cats with a recent litter of kittens or litters of stray kittens found without their mothers.
  • Injured cats or kittens need time to recover before being placed in a new home.
  • Cats that are longterm residents at our Adoption Center can benefit from a “break” and the routine of a real home for awhile.
  • Kittens and cats that spend time in foster homes are often socialized with other cats, dogs and children, making them more adoptable pets.  All of the information we gain about how they adjust in their foster homes helps us to place kittens or cats in their purrfect fur-ever homes.

Need for foster families is urgent!

Cat haven depends upon the generosity and loving home care of the foster families we now have, but our need is urgent!  With the help of more people willing to provide a temporary safe, loving home, we can save more homeless and abandoned kittens and cats.

Please fill out our Foster Home Application HERE.