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Top Cat Photo Contest Winners!

November 09, 2016

Our first Top Cat Photo Contest has a winner!

Meet NouNou!  This beauty will be the official Spokespurrson for next year's photo contest and Cat-illion Gala . . .


My story:  Hi, I'm NouNou.  I was living on the street in New Orleans and was hit by a car.  A nice person took me to a vet (thanks Dr. Diggs) and I decided to live with a family in Baton Rouge.  I've been supporting Cat Haven for a long time, so I'm very tired. I nap frequently.

Submitted by:  Jennifer Anderson 










We enjoyed the pictures and bios of all of the 36 contestants and the fundraiser brought in almost $4,000 for the kitties!

Runners' Up:



My story:  Hi, I’m Heathcliff. I don’t remember it, but they say I was rescued after Katrina and bottle-fed along with my litter mates. I do remember when we lost our home after 5 years and we all wound up at Cat Haven. I watched my siblings getting adopted, but I stayed there for a while. One day this nice lady showed up. She was awesome and a true cat lover. I looked in her eyes, revealed my sweet nature, and we both knew we were meant to be together. I still look at her the same way with those beautiful eyes of mine. I just turned 11 and went through another disaster – The Big Flood of 2016. It wasn’t fun, but I am a tough guy who loves his life and family.

Submitted by:  Ewa




My story:  Burger showed up at our back door during the winter and lived there in a warming hut for a month. Our other cats stood by the door and communed with Burger through the glass all day, every day, until we finally realized, he was our cat! 
Burger is a Manx (no tail) and lives with our other cats, Bacon, Cheese, Simba, and Monty. 
Burger loves to go on road trips and, when the car stops, he hops into his carrier (unfortunately he doesn't like the convertible top down). 


Submitted by:  Rawley & Meredith



My story:  Whenever someone tells me they don't like cats I always respond with "you just haven't met the right cat." O'Brian has proven me right time and again. I wasn't expecting to adopt a cat and was at the pet store to buy my parent's dog a toy. It happened to be Cat Haven's adoption day. I walked by O'Brian and he immediately claimed my heart. He always runs to the door to greet me and new visitors and politely asks to play. If they don't want to give him attention he's cool with it and runs off to entertain himself. O'Brian is such a gentleman and has even won over my parents, who have claimed to dislike cats my whole life. He's the perfect mix of playful, adventurous, regal and relaxed. He enjoys games of chase and hide and seek, plenty of treats, and loves posing for pictures!

Submitted by:  Jenna