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Cat Haven and LSU School of Veterinary Medicine host another successful Spay Day

September 01, 2017

Cat Haven co-hosted another successful Spay Day at the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine on Sunday, August 27, 2017, where 140 spay/neuter services were provided to community members at low to no cost. These vital services are given as part of Cat Haven's mission to lead Greater Baton Rouge into becoming a no-kill community that values spay/neutering as a method to maintain population control and quality of life.

August's Spay Day was made possible by 14 Cat Haven volunteers and up to 90 LSU Veterinary students and various community veterinarians. 

More about Spay Day

Spay Day allows community members who qualify under low-income guidelines to spay/neuter either their personal pets or community "stray" cats in order to maintain population control and to promote a better quality of life. These procedures are provided at low to no cost to community members who would otherwise be unable to afford this service.
Eligible community members can expect to pay up to $30 per pet when participating in Spay Day. However, when grant funding is available, Cat Haven will waive this fee for applicants with extenuating financial circumstances.

Cat Haven is primarily responsible for referring Baton Rouge community members to this program. In order to make these services available to residents in outer parishes, Cat Haven collaborates with other rescue organizations such as Spay Baton Rouge, Cara's House, Purrs of Hope and Catnip/Big Sky Ranch.
Spay Day occurs on one Sunday a month during the months of August through November and January through April, when LSU students are in session and on campus. More information about Spay Day, as well as the participation application, can be found on Cat Haven's website.

Volunteers working at Spay Day. 

One of many furry patients receiving exceptional care at an affordable price.