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This Weekend Cat Haven will have cats and kittens available for adoption at the Cat Haven Adoption Center, the PetSmart-Siegen and the Petco on Siegen. Come find your fur-ever friend!

Happy Mews Success Stories

We love sharing the Happy Mews from Cat Haven’s kittens and cats that have been happily adopted!  Please send us your Happy Mews adoption story by emailing us your story and a picture to

Mickey & Oreo (Adopted 2013)

Two spoiled kitties.....Mickey and Oreo were both adopted in 2013 by Dawn S. and family!

Two Lumps! Ebony & Lelu (formerly Bonnie - Adopted 2011 & Kelsey - Adopted 2013)

Ebony (was Bonnie) has been with us for about two years. She was shy at first but by the end of the first night she was exploring her new home and sleeping comfortably on the bed.  Now she is a happy and spoiled kitty and an affectionate lap cat who loves to pose for us belly-up.  She sleeps under my arm every night.  

Lelu (was named Kelsey) was a stray my sister found outside her workplace.  While we had originally intended on just fostering her, when we saw her making friends with Ebony, we knew she would be staying forever.  Lelu is very energetic and even plays fetch!  

The two are like sisters now and wrestle, chase, and play together! I've spent many evenings with them both curled up together on my lap.  They are very different personalities but both perfect for each other and my family.  I included a picture I managed to capture.  The cold weather had them acting super cuddly with each other. 

Thank you!

Kathryn & Justin M.

Yum Yum, now known as Anastasia (adopted 2013)

About midway through last year, Scott from Cat Haven introduced me to your organization mascot Yum Yum, and I signed on to foster her in my home. She maintained her modest, reclusive personality though gradually over time she seemed to rome about the dwelling with impunity. When I moved to be near work in New Orleans, I arranged to adopt her, rechristening her "Anastasia", or "Anna".  She is pretty healthy, and still has a flair for finding obscure hiding places. Though with just me and the occasional visit from my fiance Ashley, Anastasia has blossomed to where she spends most of her time in the open, and loves to look out the windows.

Stephen M. Long, AIA

Havana (adopted 2013)

My husband Ron and I adopted Havana (the Havana Brown) last Wednesday. We have renamed her Sinamin. She is doing great and already loves her two big brothers. She purrs non-stop, cuddles, and plays like she has been part of our family forever.
Just wanted to give you an update and say thanks. We will send pictures soon.

Christine K.

Thor (adopted 2012)

We adopted "Casey", who's now Thor, a little over a year ago. This is my best buddy and he sleeps in my lap every evening. I just want to thank y'all for all that you do for these cats!!

Katie G