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This Weekend Cat Haven will have cats and kittens available for adoption at the Cat Haven Adoption Center, the PetSmart-Siegen, the PetSmart-Airline and the Petco on Siegen. Come find your fur-ever friend!

Happy Mews Success Stories

We love sharing the Happy Mews from Cat Haven’s kittens and cats that have been happily adopted!  Please send us your Happy Mews adoption story by emailing us your story and a picture to

Hermione - Adopted 2014

Happy Mews from Leah C.

Our kitten has finally adjusted to our home and her personality shines! She is truly a joy and blessing in our lives. I can't stand to be away from her so much that I've taken a few weeks off of work in order to bond with her and to allow her to be as comfortable as possible in her new surroundings. We love getting to know her more and more each day. She is the center of everyone's attention and therefore spoiled rotten! I can't believe the relationship and love I have for this cat already. Thank you and your lovely team for bringing her into our lives. I've attached a few photos I keep on my phone below. 


Thanks again for our BEAUTIFUL baby

Dunkin - Adopted 2014

Happy Mews from Kaitlin C.

I adopted "dunkin" and when I say my fiancé loves him, it's an understatement. He is a joy. Gets along with all of our 3 dogs and loves playing with my niece. He is a true joy. 

Soul Patch - Adopted 2014

Happy Mews from Lisa R.

Little Soul Patch is doing amazingly well in his new home with us. He's such a happy little guy and he purrs a lot! As soon as we got home with him on Saturday, he started playing with his new toys right away and acted like this was always his home. He loves to be held. He gives kisses and head boops to anyone who wants one. He's a perfect fit for my family and we simply adore him. 

Vesper - (Formerly Skylar Adopted 2014)

Happy Mews from April L.

We adopted Skylar and we have changed her name to suit her more nocturnal nature. She's called Vesper, which means "evening" in Latin. Our other cat, a big black Norwegian Forest Cat named Mordecai, wasn't convinced at first. He's warming up to her, though. They hunt the laser pointer together, and then hunt each other. There is much pouncing. Right now, we've only got a few photos of her, but hope to convince her to keep still long enough to send more soon.

Tantor - Adopted 2014

Happy Mews from Allison H.

He's doing great! He is such a sweet cat. He purrs and sleeps on me for hours. He loves to run around and climb things a lot when he is awake.