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This Weekend Cat Haven will have cats and kittens available for adoption at the Cat Haven Adoption Center, the PetSmart-Siegen and the Petco on Siegen. Come find your fur-ever friend!

Happy Mews Success Stories

We love sharing the Happy Mews from Cat Haven’s kittens and cats that have been happily adopted!  Please send us your Happy Mews adoption story by emailing us your story and a picture to

2017 June Adoptions

Benji Dora Prince Olive
Baby Girl Oscar Monte Snow
Gabriella Hutch Carmel Flubber
Bowie Mr. Fizzles Buster Pony Boy
Alessia Sleepy Zachary Macaroon
Turtle Marmalade Kate Casper
Stanley Randy Shrimp Boot Tulip
Dandy Marigold Scooter Poppy
Max Espresso Feisty Princess
Toby Andy Gray Viktor
Granny Hardy Snowflake Ron Weasley
Toula Cali Missy Andy
Panda Garbanzo Piper Harry Potter
Doc Cheech Buster Bo Mario
Socks Hermione April Harley
Sandy Sharon Felix Chloe
Buddy Shaky Maggie Pearl
Jasper Daisy Booki Kubo
Aslan Summer Ellie Cassandra
Crawford Lil Bit Giuseppe Autumn
Libby Ace Martha Callie
Peaches Moxie Dartanyan Trixie Pumpkin
AJ Mercer Kiko Bobbie
Oliver Ashley Vivian Nash
Jake Annabelle Cali Chatter
Cream Cheese Picasso Ella Rose Jessie
Annie Lizzie Pansy Pancake
Kate Max Bentley Lucy
Roxy Lolly Ginger Tiny
Danny Clementine Princess Sophia Cream Cheese
Garfield Ricky Tip Chai Perro
AJ Mika Ella Shockey
Nikki Oliver Nemo Sawyer
Soda Pop Poppy Lillie Mr. Watson
Nora Maddy Esmeralda Precious
Baby Yeller Cheeto Christine Nellie
Jack Spunky Mouse Samson
Nubia Rayburn Millie




Tanner- Adopted 2015

Happy mews from Sarah G. and Tanner. 

Tanner is doing great! He is such a lively and sweet addition to our family! He is very spoiled and loves playing with his toys!

S. G.

Athena (Formerly Athena Adopted 2015)

Athena (formerly Athena from Cat Haven) is adapting well to our home and family. She is very sweet and loving and brings us great joy. 
Thank you,

Atramenum (Formerly Smudge Adopted 2015)

Atramenum/Atra (formerly Smudge from Cat Haven) is settling in nicely and is getting along with our other kitty well. She is so active and loves to run and climb around unless she's on someone's lap or in the bed. Even as I type this, she's walking all over me to get me to pet her. She loves her new tower and sits and lays on it all day. She is still confused about her collar and bell and will sometimes grab at it or play with it. She is the perfect addition to our family and we can't ask for more smile)


Made herself right at home in my work bag!

Maggie (Formerly Lucille Adopted 2015)

Thanks for emailing me. Everything is going great with Maggie (formerly Lucille from Cat Haven)! She is a cuddly little girl who loves napping on the couch, getting tummy rubs, and chasing her toys. She is a perfect mix of playfulness and cuddliness for my husband and I. We are so glad to have her! I have attached a few photos.